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Our Founder's Vision

We’re working hard to improve the lives of all Filipinos! Join us to help yourself and others become financially independent.

Pictured here is Donabell Bernales Manzano, our Founder. She watched in dismay as decades slipped away with little or no improvement in the lives of most Filipinos. She has now done something about it.

For too long, the majority of our citizens have lived in poverty and as a country we’re still considered a 3rd world nation.  It’s time to break this cycle once and for all!  Join us as we work to help you lift yourself and others into a higher standard of living.  Join today (below) and reap the benefits of membership.

What we do

We locate, evaluate and support amazing projects that help change the lives of disadvantaged Filipinos here at home as well as those working abroad to support their families.
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Income Project

We found Ranking Trainer who provides a unique and proprietary FREE Affiliate Program. They’ll teach you how to earn money quickly through the Internet as their Affiliate.

If you want to learn digital marketing and website design, they also have some of the lowest cost online training available anywhere.

Anyone 18 years of age or older can become an Affiliate of Ranking Trainer.  Their Affiliate program is simple.  It pays commissions when you refer paying customers and students who take their courses.

Prerequisites are only that you can access the Internet through a browser, you understand how to complete online forms and that you know how to send links through email, chat, social media, forums, text messages or through your own website.

To get more information or to get a special link join Ranking Trainer under our strategic partnership, please attend one or more of our daily meetings.  Or, click/tap the button below and we’ll respond within 24-48 hours by email with instructions.

Why should you join UBLI?

Our purpose is to help Philippines citizens who are unemployed, underemployed or otherwise disadvantaged acquire marketable skills and learn how to generate their own income through self-employment and continuing education.  We do this by researching and referring you to the best programs  we find and evaluate as useful to most people.  

As a UBLI member, you’ll be invited to participate in free training, online meetings and webinars.  You’ll also receive notification and reminders of the best opportunities we find so you can participate and increase your income.  There’s strength in numbers. The more members we have, the more great resources we can find for you.  Join us now by completing the simple form below.  IT’S FREE!

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Whether you’re here in the Philippines or OFW abroad somewhere, we need you!  Join us as we help lift each other into better lives by learning to be self-sufficient, independent and prosperous.

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We Teach Self Sufficiency

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The best way to end the cycle of dependence and poverty is to learn how to create your OWN opportunities and income.

We Find Partners to Help

Local and national governments and agencies have budgets to help out. We help members find and qualify for assistance..

We Support Leaders who Support Us

We support politicians and leaders who demonstrate knowledge, skill and good works aimed at creating prosperity for the average Filipino, just just benefit the rich and powerful.

We Provide Counsel & Advice

Our volunteers have special resources that can help members climb the ladder of success. When you have needs, contact us and see what we can do to help.